Thursday, 28 October 2010

Worst than kids

I have come to the conclusion that wet pets are worst than kids, because at least to some extent you can force your kids to get on with something such!
Nooki continues to sulk though has given into the odd bite of mussel or worm when neither of us are looking. He also unusually has taken to burying himself. It is a common trait amongst fahakas but up until this point he had never attempted to do so. Hopefully this is a moody teenager sulk that wont last too long as we do miss his podgy face begging or even swimming around! I go and have a sit with him each evening for one of our "talks".

Next trouble is little Ushmew, he continues to be active and interested in everything. I havent managed to wean him yet, though have been given more tips and articles to keep trying, he is currently not being fed for a certain period of time to get him interested, fingers crossed it will work!

Calcifer is hating the winter months and half puffs most mornings until we turn all the lights on. Fitzgig has a hunger that can not be fed! He strikes the feeding tongs with such force, it is good he has a good appetite.

We can not forget my fur babies as well being 1 year old Shilo and Pixie (sister kittens). We have them as house cats and they are very naughty. You would think fish and cats would be a terrible combination? Our cats only want to get into the tanks to get water (even though they have plenty around the house), it just doesnt taste the same unless some fish have swum in it.

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  1. Amy you have some beautiful puffers! This is the first time I've had a chance to see pictures.