Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fitzgig the Hairy Puffer - Monotrete Baileyi

Next up is my hairy puffer, Fitzgig. I did originally buy two as a pair, but not much was known at the time whether they would be a true pair or guessed as a female and male. By general consensus males are meant to have more "cirri" (hair) but this isnt proven. Here was Fitzgig on his arrival:

Here was the supposed female on her arrival, I named her Gizmo at the time. Fitzgig seemed the more dominant one in the store but that soon changed drastically.

At first things seem to go well but into the second week, Gizmo was puffing at least four times a day and charging Fitzgig. There was a possibility this was just both adjusting and showing who was boss but I drew the line as Fitzgig never fought back and Gizmo ended up lifting him out the water into the lid. Here is a video of the aggression:

Gizmo ended going back to the store and Fitzgig became a different puff. Much more outgoing and loves attention. I was advised I may have problems feeding him variety but he has surprised me taking to mussel and cockle (even off the shell). His absolute favourites are earthworms though and he goes crazy. He has his active periods and likes to beg when he sees me. He is pretty much full grown at 6 inches and currently the biggest puffer I own until Nooki outgrows him. Considering he is full adult, he has settled in extremely well.

Hairies are quite hard puffers to come across and also are pretty seasonal. The more "cirri" they have the more highly prized. They grow to about 5 inches maximum and their activity levels vary from puffer to puffer.

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