Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Nook's is in a sulk

Well after all those introduction, Nooki my fahaka is in a mega sulk and cant decide if I added new plants, did a change over of the decorations last week or just some unknown cause. This is day two of his hunger strike which is unusual as he will beg and even once ate a companion when refused him food. We have had talks and he still likes my company but turning down even worms has me concerned on my little lad. Tonight we tried various foods soaked in garlic but to no avail. I know that puffers can go on proper sulks from time to time and he does appear to be going through his teenage phase at the moment. I have since rearranged the tank back incase moving his favourite root might have triggered this at least intially. If the hunger strike continues to the weekend then we plan to tempt him with live shrimp (the ultimate weapon) if not a crab!

Also spent a good 45 minutes tonight trying to convince the mini Ushmew to take some cockle or mussel (also garlic soaked) since I have now run out of shrimp and earthworms.
He showed a lot of interest and chased but would not bite so we shall try again tomorrow. This may be a patient process as weaning lurker puffers off of live foods can be a time consuming process. The little tyke has been swimming around a fair bit and likes to see what me and my partner are doing on the sofa. I think a big stock on lots of good foods over the weekend is in order!

Least touch wood Fitzgig and Calcifer are behaving (though watch this space).

I try to feed my puffers as much variety as possible including: mussel, cockle, shelled cockle, shelled mussel, prawn, river shrimp (gut loaded), earthworms, bloodworm, oyster, crabs. Where I can I try to dose the food with vitamins to help keep them in tip top shape.

So aims this week:
1. Get Nooki eating again (eating anything, anything!)
2. Try to wean Ushmew onto something other than live river shrimp (working progress)

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