Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Calcifer the Abei - Monotrete Abei

Second to the puffer collection was Calcifer, he came from the same place as the fahaka and is a fiesty puffer. He settled in straight away and was very hyper and active.

Roughly about 3" he eats most meaty foods though has this annoying habit that if it drops pass his level he will not go after it. His funny habit is to create mini tidal waves at the top of the tank during feeding time.

Another funny habit that he has is he croaks! It took us a while to figure out it came from him and generally he does it on waking each morning before he begins to consider moving about and also when impatient for food.

We have his tank situated near the computer and sofa so he gets a lot of company. Another habit of his is to puff up into a perfect round ball if he believes he is not getting enough attention. This normally happens when my partner sits at the computer and does not say hello. We havent managed to catch it on camera yet as he deflates as soon as you look at him.

These guys get to about 4 inches maximum and a nice smaller freshwater species, they are full of character and ours certainly keeps us on our toes!

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