Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Win one battle, Lose two

Well some good news, Nooki my fahaka has finally decided to stop sulking and for three days straight has been swimming about, begging, eating and giving us glass kisses, so think we can safely say he is over the hump, even if it is just for the moment!

The struggle continues to get my little miurus onto dead foods. He is such an oddball, eating most of the snails in the tank, silly little fish. We had a small victory with 3 very small bites taken out of a defrosted silver side, so over time I shall win! Leaving a good period before trying again, an ever ongoing struggle to be vigilant and not give in to him with live food.

Had a minor shock tonight, it is their night to have no food (try to alternate days on their feeds if not longer) so did usual check and hellos. Only found my Baileyi upside down resting on the bottom! Was pretty much prepared for him to be dead but as soon as the net was in to scoop him he flipped over, got a bit disgruntled and promptly wedged himself sideways into a favourite gap. Will be keeping a close eye on him but the night before he did suck in an entire mussel without chewing before I could stop him an it must have been uncomfortable! He must have overeaten as he constantly begs and hasnt since.